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Changing the Landscape of Backcountry Aviation

For more than 40 years, superior quality, industry-leading innovation and independent thinking have been the hallmarks of everything we do.


Our rapid R&D cycle, reputation for quality, and customer loyalty has resulted in strong sales year after year.

Game-Changing Capabilities Reach Untapped Markets

Nose wheel landing gear has a well-earned reputation for being incredibly forgiving, providing better visibility during taxiing, takeoff and landing and handling better overall than taildraggers.

  • Only 15% of pilots have tail wheel capabilities or interest.
  • With the introduction of our nose wheel landing gear configuration in 2019, we are reaching an additional 85% of the market.

Positioned for Growth*

As the industry’s leading manufacturer and innovator, CubCrafters is uniquely positioned to lead the market.

CubCrafters is the largest adventure aircraft manufacturer in the world.

With back country flying growing in popularity and more pilots than ever before taking to remote strips — globally — the world is at our wingtips.


We are the benchmark by which other aircraft are judged.

FAA Certification

Innovative Builder-Assist Program

FAA Certification — a Significant Barrier to Entry

We design and build the best-selling certified backcountry airplanes in America.

  • We are the only company to get a type certificate in backcountry aviation since 1970.
  • We were the first company ever to take experimental avionics and win FAA approval for a certified airplane.
  • In last 20 years, there have only been 4 new type Part 23 Certificates approved, and 2 were CubCrafters airplanes.

Building a Dream: Our Innovative Builder-Assist Program.

  • Pilots create their dream under the supervision of our factory technicians, with guaranteed delivery of a world-class aircraft.
  • No technical experience is necessary.
  • Our factory personnel guides our customers from fabrication to completion.
  • Fast-growing segment that provides a unique customer experience and builds customer loyalty.

Our airplanes are remarkably fast, very powerful, technically capable, enduringly rugged — and quite simply, fun to fly.


While 90% of our sales are domestic, 50% of the market demand is outside the U.S.

Expanding Our Global Reach**

Our aircraft have been sold and exported to more than 25 countries around the world, and have been awarded key international certifications:

Trusted by the authorities of the skies, our airplanes have been certified by:
  • FAA — United States
  • EASA — Europe
  • JCAB — Japan
  • TCCA — Canada
  • CASA — Australia


Our aircraft deliver a remarkable flight experience to satisfy the missions and interests of an increasing number of adventure seekers.


Reengineering the Archetype

Our origins began with rebuilding legendary PA-18 Piper Super Cubs, making them better through supplemental approvals, then re-engineering new, original designs that brought every aspect of the Cub platform to uniquely capable heights


A New Standard, Certified

In 2004, CubCrafters its first aircraft, the Top Cub, merging the best from the past with the very latest technology and bringing backcountry aviation into a new era.


The Most Advanced and Fastest-Selling Backcountry Aircraft

The Carbon Cub, a modern redesign of the classic Super Cub in 2006, has been continuously improved to redefine expectations and push the envelope of backcountry aviation.

  • In 2009 the Carbon Cub was upgraded with a lightweight 180 HP engine.
  • In 2010, the Carbon Cub became available as a build-it-yourself aircraft kit, called the Carbon Cub EX.
  • In 2015, we introduced our 7-day factory Builder Assist program with the Carbon Cub FX.
  • In 2017, we introduced Carbon Cub FX-3 and EX-3 with more refinements for increased performance.
  • In 2022, we are introducing a new engine option for the Carbon Cub, the CC 363i F/P, that combines advanced fuel injection and electronic ignition.

Redefining Expectations

Our most recent breakthroughs can be found on our certified XCubs.

Self-funded and secretly developed over 6 years, the introduction of the XCub in 2016 established CubCrafters at the center of a backcountry aviation revival.

Now with international certifications, the most powerful engine in its class, seaplane certification, and nosewheel landing gear configuration, the NXCub can go where no other airplane dared to go.



Much of our success has come from listening to pilots, building the aircraft they want to fly, and delivering an unmatched customer experience.

Our products and services are designed to meet customer needs throughout the life of the aircraft:

  • Pre-owned sales allow customers retiring from their flying career or upgrading their airplanes to sell on consignment.
  • Our aircraft retain tremendous value, often selling for more than their original price.
  • Our product line attracts customers across a wide range of interests including humanitarian and life-saving missions.

CubCrafters is an enduring symbol of the spirit of grassroots aviation. Our trailblazing innovations allow pilots to be their own trailblazers.


No other factory in the world is building multiple models of 3 aircraft certification types on one assembly line.

14 Facilities
3 Campuses

Situated on the edge of McAllister Field Airport in Yakima, Washington, our facility is Ideally configured to build airplanes at the highest levels of precision.

  • More than 200 dedicated and highly skilled personnel.
  • A unique combination of time-tested craftsmanship and state-of-the-art computer-aided design and fabrication.
  • We are the only manufacturer in America building Light Sport Aircraft, experimental and Certified category aircraft in the same FAA-certified production facility
  • Proven manufacturing principles and processes ensure that there is no outdated inventory and that all parts and procedures are under constant scrutiny.

A Dynamic Market

Light-Sport Aircraft Global Market Snapshot — A Bright Future***

  • Adventure aircraft have low acquisition, maintenance, and operational costs compared to traditional high-performance airplanes.
  • Higher discretionary income in developed and developing countries is boosting recreational use of adventure aircraft, with millennials showing increasing interest.
  • More countries have been legalizing recreational flights, resulting in a growing number of participants.
  • Global demand is increasing thanks to improved fuel efficiency and reduced noise emission.
  • Major regulatory bodies are modifying and introducing regulatory requirements to support industry growth.
  • Efforts to bring the pilot training and certification costs down has increased adoption of adventure aircraft.


Patrick Horgan
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director of the Board
Brad Damm
Vice President, Member of Board of Directors

Deal Terms

A singular investment opportunity

For the first time, enthusiasts, customers, and investors can participate in our future by acquiring shares in a Public Offering available to everyone, subject to SEC qualification.

Per Share Price
Minimum Investment
All Investors
Maximum Goal
$50 Million


September 01
Bell2Bell Podcast with CubCrafters Vice President Brad Damm

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brad Damm, is interviewed on the Bell2Bell podcast about the company, the upcoming Regulation A public offering, how the funds raised are expected to be used, who the corporate leadership is, and the vision for the future of the company. As of today, reservations to purchase shares can still be made at the offering price of $5 per share. If you want to participate, there is detailed information about this opportunity at the link below.



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Xavier on August 25
Hi there! Is it possible to get the company numbers? Otherwise, this is sort of a blind investment… I like CubCrafters a lot, but without numbers I cannot tell whether $5 a share is a bargain or all the contrary. Thanks !

Patrick Horgan on August 31
Hi Xavier, You can download some slides included on the offering page by clicking "Download Presentation," which shares some annual sales numbers. We are currently in a reservation phase, which is non-binding and stock purchase investments cannot yet be made. The reservation allows one to reserve shares at the issue price. We will publish our Offering Circular when qualified by the SEC, which includes valuation details. We cannot guarantee the SEC approval, nor timing. Thanks for your support for our company.

Steve on August 12
It's not clear from the offering how an investor would ever make any money. I don’t think CubCrafters is looking to be acquired or to do an IPO, which are the normal ways you would expect to make money on a pre-IPO investment. So how will we make money? Will the stock be transferrable?

Patrick Horgan on August 12
Steve, Thank you for taking an interest in CubCrafters and for the question posed. Our aspiration as a management team is to deliver value to all our stake holders and we continually assess the various opportunities to do just that. By filing our Reg A+ with the SEC, once the SEC Qualifies our filing, it becomes a public offering in the sense that the buyers of our stock will then be allowed by the SEC to sell their shares. It is our intention that after raising capital through the Reg A+, we will considering listing our stock on one of the exchanges available to us, which include Alternative Trading Systems (ATS), that provide liquidity with no shorting or naked shorting of stocks. Or, on exchanges such as OTCQB , the OTCQX, or the NASDAQ. Upon Qualification, and after raising sufficient capital from enough investors, Reg A+ can be used as the listing vehicle to the NASDAQ or the NYSE. Our management team will consider all the circumstances as we continue on our capital raising process and select the most prudent liquidity vehicle. Note that we cannot guarantee that the SEC will qualify our Reg A+ or that we will raise capital through the offering.

Steve on August 12
Thanks. I'm looking forward to "taking a ride" with CubCrafters!

Lindsay on August 09
Hello, What is the valuation of the company? In other words, if one purchases $100,000 of stock in this offering what percent of the company would they own (post offering). Thanks. Lindsay

Patrick Horgan on August 12
Hi Lindsay, We are currently in a reservation phase, which is non-binding for the investor; stock purchases cannot yet be made. The reservation allows one to reserve shares at the issue price. We will publish our Offering Circular when qualified by the SEC, which includes valuation details. We cannot guarantee the SEC approval, nor timing.

Craig on July 28
How do you confirm what you have reserved?

Patrick Horgan on August 03
Craig, You should have received a confirmation email. If not, please check your spam file as it might be there. Please let us know if you do not find it and we will help further. Thanks

Chad Currie on July 26
How and when do we fund the reservation?