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Top 5 reasons to invest in Cubcrafters

Industry Leadership

CubCrafters is an acknowledged leader in adventure aircraft that deliver the ultimate flying experience.

Accelerating Innovation

Our Research and Development engineers continue to stretch the envelope of current aviation technology – developing and deploying innovations at an increasing rate.

Expanding Markets

The backcountry aircraft market is expected to grow at a significant Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) as the scope and applications expand dramatically around the world according to MarketWatch (Nov. 2022)

Superior Quality
and Performance

Manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials and leading edge design, our aircraft are lighter, stronger, safer, faster and more reliable.

Proven Expertise

Our team combines extensive aviation experience with a passion for adventure flying that has led to a track record of stability and growth.

Industry Leadership

An Iconic Brand

For more than forty years, CubCrafters has set the industry standard for adventure aircraft. Having earned the respect of pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world, CubCrafters is now offering shares to the public for the very first time in its storied history. Now everyone can become part of our exciting journey as we help shape the future of backcountry flying.

Invest in the exciting future of adventure aviation!

deal terms

Share Price
Minimum Investment
Maximum Fundraising Goal
$50 Million
All Investors
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Industry Leadership

Making History… Again

In collaboration with Red Bull, CubCrafters achieved one of the most daring feats in aviation history. Flying a modified Carbon Cub, pilot Luke Czepiela landed the airplane on a 78 foot diameter helipad atop the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai.

You have to see it to believe it.


The most advanced and fastest-selling backcountry aircraft

Our aircraft deliver a remarkable flight experience to satisfy the missions and interests of an increasing number of adventure seekers.

Redefining Expectations

The Carbon Cub, a modern redesign of the classic Super Cub in 2006, has been continuously improved to redefine expectations and push the envelope of backcountry aviation.


The Carbon Cub was upgraded with a lightweight 180 HP engine


The Carbon Cub became available as a build-it-yourself aircraft kit, called the Carbon Cub EX.


We introduced our 7-day factory Builder Assist program with the Carbon Cub FX


We introduced Carbon Cub FX-3 and EX-3 with more refinements for increased performance.


We are introducing a new engine option for the Carbon Cub, the CC 363i F/P, that combines advanced fuel injection and electronic ignition
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Engineering Innovation

A Heritage of Superior Technology

Superior quality and engineering innovation have always been the hallmarks of CubCrafters’ airplanes. Now, with the prototyping and testing of its patented, NASA funded ELAS (Electric Lift Augmenting Slats) technology, CubCrafters has the potential to shorten the runway distances for all fixed wing aircraft takeoffs and landings.

This has the potential to broadly impact both General and Commercial Aviation.

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expanding markets

Technology that responds to global demand

CubCrafters recently announced the development of the Carbon Cub UL. A variant of the best-selling Carbon Cub, it features the new turbocharged, multi-fuel Rotax 916 iS engine which, in combination with other CubCrafters engineering enhancements makes the plane, lighter, faster and even more maneuverable. It’s designed for international markets that represent 50% of global demand for adventure airplanes. Since only 10% of CubCrafters’ sales are international, it opens up a vast potential market.

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expanding markets

Game-Changing Capabilities Reach Untapped Markets

Nose wheel landing gear has a well-earned reputation for being incredibly forgiving, providing better visibility during taxiing, takeoff and landing and handling better overall than taildraggers.

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expanding markets

CubCrafters Acquires Summit Aircraft Skis

CubCrafters recently expanded its product line with the acquisition of the patents, intellectual property and manufacturing techniques of the Summit Aircraft Ski company. And we’ve already started manufacturing, much to the delight of our customers.

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Robots lend a hand

The strong demand for CubCrafters products had led to a more than two-year backlog on new airplane orders. We wanted reduce that backlog and our aircraft into the hands of our customers as soon as we could without compromising our high quality standards, so we made a significant investment in robotic manufacturing that both increases the speed of production and enhances the quality as well.

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Designed, Engineered and Built in the USA

Every airplane we build is manufactured in the USA at our Yakima, WA facility by our more than 200 designers, engineers and craftspeople. We are proud of that distinction and we’re committed to a Made in America standard of superior quality and exceptional service.

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leadership team

Seasoned Senior Management

With decades of experience in aviation design, development, innovation and sales, the senior management of CubCrafters leads a dedicated team of professionals from concept to completion.

Patrick Horgan
President, Chief Executive Officer, Director of the Board
Brad Damm
Vice President, Member of Board of Directors
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investor testimonials

Why Should You Invest?

We’ve always enjoyed a loyal and enthusiastic customer base, and now investors in CubCrafters are giving us that same enthusiasm and support. There are many reasons to invest in CubCrafters, and here are few of them expressed by our growing number of shareholders.

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“CubCrafters has accomplished what only the top 0.1% of companies dream of. They haven’t just created a brand, they have established an icon. Through quality, innovation and sticking to their roots, they have become the ‘Apple’ of the aviation world...and we’d have to be crazy not to invest in an ‘Apple’ at IPO.”
Ben Koch
“I support the product and think it will continue to do well. I’d buy the whole company if I could. It’s rare that an investment opportunity aligns so well with my personal interests.”
Dirk Chubbic
“I’ve always admired your products, innovation and the leadership of the company. Looking forward to investing in a ‘local’ company that has the ‘can-do’ attitude!”
Jim Knopke
“I jumped at the chance to get a personal tour of the factory and I saw the beautiful work being done in different stages building your CubCrafters aircraft. When I saw an opportunity to invest, I never forgot the experience you gave me and the quality products you are building. So, I’m excited to be an investor and I would like to thank you again for that tour.”
Paul Freire
“One of the best things about America is its freedom. Your message, your brand, your company breathe freedom and that’s what makes me want to support your venture.”
Chapman Dickerson
“If my investment is as good as your kits, looks like there might be something extra to leave my kids!”
Scott Hopson
“CubCrafters is committed to excellence, innovation and integrity. Your aircraft are made right here is the good old USA to the highest standards. The Demand to your aircraft speaks volumes. CubCrafter is going to continue to lead the field in backcountry aircraft for decades to come. That's the kind of company I want to be part of.”
Don Weiss
“As awesome who has loved aircraft their entire lives, I saw this as an opportunity to become part of something bigger...and continue to touch the lives of every person who gets into an aircraft and experiences the joy of flight.”
Dyson Hislop
“In a world of limited innovation, CubCrafters has taken a leap forward while others have pulled back.”
Joe Boettner
“As a professional educator, I am not wealthy so I invest in airplanes and airplane companies that I know will be successful.”
Allan Fisher, EdD
“As a lifelong aviator, it’s time for me to ‘give back’ and support a quality American manufacturer. I am confident your innovation and engineering will take CubCrafters into legendary status for filling the desires of the growing backcountry community. Looking forward to IPO day!”
Steve Cox
“I believe in the product, the people and the future demand for the aircraft’s simplicity.”
Dave Binnix
“I believe in the company, that it needs the capital for proper growth, and I’m in it for the long haul.”
Mike Daniel
“I’m thrilled to be able to invest in a company I have personal knowledge of and am a customer as well. The program they have developed and their attention to detail is what made me a believer and a repeat customer. Thanks for being such a great company with a wonderful product.”
Joyce Wilson
“I chose to invest in CubCrafters because of your dedication to an amazing product, pilot safety, and a relentless goal of bringing a great value added to your customers...and the future health of general aviation. Thanks for the great idea and the opportunity to get involved.”
Rick Raesz

1918 South 16th Avenue Yakima, WA 98903

[email protected]

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June 23
FORBES- CubCrafters’ Electric-Fans Could Make Planes Land & Takeoff On a Dime

CubCrafters is already known for taking the classic Piper Super Cub design to short takeoff and landing extremes. A new aerodynamic system the company is developing could take the Cub and other aircraft further.

Cubcrafters calls its new system, Electric Lift Augmenting Slats (ELAS). ELAS is a new twist on an old idea, the recognition that speeding the flow of air over the top of an aerodynamic device like a wing or horizontal tail can increase lift.

It has most commonly been seen with “blown flaps” whose origins stretch back to the 1930s. Air blown through nozzles across wing trailing-edge flaps has been used to speed and shape the airflow over the rear edge of the wing, increasing lift and allowing fixed wing airplanes to fly slower, and takeoff and land in shorter distances.

June 12
PRESS RELEASE – CubCrafters’ Stock Price Increases

Recent Milestone Advancements Drive Investors’ Demand, Triggering A 9% Rise in Stock Price

CubCrafters, a leading designer and manufacturer of Light-Sport and Part 23 Certified aircraft, announced today that the price of shares in their Regulation A+ public offering was raised to $5.45 due to a number of positive developments.

In November of 2022, for the first time in its history, CubCrafters began accepting investments at $5 per share with a minimum investment of $400 per investor. Since that time, investors have enthusiastically responded and subscribed to the stock offering.


May 03
CubCrafters is prototyping revolutionary, patented technology

CubCrafters engineers have designed and patented a revolutionary new device: Electronic Lift Augmenting Slats (ELAS.) When attached to existing aircraft -- or integrated into original manufacturing -- the ELAS technology utilizes small electric ducted fans in combination with leading-edge lifting slats to change the airflow over the wing. This can result in as much as a 50% reduction of takeoff and landing distances. The technology was partially funded by two grants from NASA in recognition of the advantages ELAS technology could bring to civilian, scientific and military aircraft.

March 28
Cubcrafters to Offer New Rotax Powered Carbon Cub

CubCrafters is introducing a new variant of its best-selling Carbon Cub aircraft. In development for international markets, the new model is called the Carbon Cub UL.

The company has invested in several new technologies to make the Carbon Cub UL even lighter and better performing than its predecessor, the Carbon Cub SS. The goal is a new airplane that features multi-fuel technology (MOGAS & AVGAS), fully meets ASTM standards, and carries 2 adult people with a full fuel load and a reasonable amount of baggage at a takeoff weight of 600 kg (1320 lbs) and under.

March 13
Carbon Cub Lands on 24 Meter Helipad of Iconic Hotel in Dubai

The Bulls Eye landing event featured Red Bull Air Race pilot and Carbon Cub owner Luke Czepiela landing a specially modified version of CubCrafters bestselling aircraft on a 27-meter wide helipad suspended 212 meters above sea level atop the 56-story hotel.

February 02
Summit Aircraft Ski Manufacturing at CubCrafters Facilities

Once we acquired Summit Aircraft Skis, we wanted to ensure that our customers had uninterrupted supply of the products they wanted. After an intensive training period, our manufacturing team hit the ground running...skiing.


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CoreyC on August 22
Where can I find FYE results and/or proforma’s and forecasts?

Justin J. on August 25
Hello CoreyC, The SEC imposes tight restrictions on what and how public reporting companies are allowed to state their financial results, especially on forecasts, in order to protect investors. As a result, we recommend that you check out the Form 1-K Annual Report filed here: To the extent that regulations allow, the proforma and forecasts can be found in the offering circular. Find it here: And the latest amendment is here:

Justin J. on May 26
COMMENT RECEIVED: "I love the plane. My only concern is the Democrats and their war on fossil fuels. And their fanatic push for green energy. They will no doubt be forcing aircraft manufacturers to go electric and we all know that is not practical. I think that will hurt all companies. -Michael S." RESPONSE: Hello Michael, We understand your concerns, and it is part of our mission to continue innovating while monitoring industry developments. We agree that current battery technology is not yet adequate as a widespread replacement for primary powerplants in personal and commercial transport aircraft, and it will not be for many years, despite much hype and investment in electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) research in the last decade. CubCrafters works directly with the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA), and with other important groups and leaders, in support of sensible policies to maintain fuel supplies while also addressing the future of aviation fuels. In parallel, we are continuing technological innovation such as our recently announced Carbon Cub UL project utilizing the Rotax 916iS with flex-fuel capability. Now in the second phase of research grant funding from NASA, we also recently announced our patented R&D development of Electric Lift Augmenting Slats (ELAS), as a potentially powerful short take-off and landing (STOL) innovation that can be successful with current battery technology. Just as we weathered the pandemic-triggered supply-chain challenges, we are actively looking forward to a continuing positive future for General Aviation. And, we appreciate you supporting and helping us, so that we have the resources to stay engaged on all important new happenings.

Justin J. on May 19
QUESTION RECEIVED: "...Before I invest in your company, I want to know what your relationship with China is. It is rumored that you sold the Super Cub, PA-18 type certificate to the Chinese. Is that true? Also you use Titan engines which are owned by TCM and they are owned by the Chinese. What exactly is your business relationship with the Chinese? Please answer. Glen" ANSWER: CubCrafters has no direct interests with China at this time, nor are there any plans to do so. It is known, and recorded in the SEC filing, that CubCrafters sold its older intellectual property for the CC18 Top Cub Type Certificate to a Chinese entity in 2015. CubCrafters certified a new next-generation Cub variant in 2016, the CC19 XCub, which it produces today. While the company does still retain a license agreement that authorizes it to build CC18 aircraft for the US market, none have been produced in recent years. CubCrafters developed the CC340 engine with ECI (later became Titan) for its Light Sport and first-generation Experimental Carbon Cubs. Later, Continental Motor Group purchased Titan and still produces the CC340 for CubCrafters, using CubCrafters proprietary cold air induction sump. This is no longer the most popular engine in the CubCrafters line. More recently, CubCrafters worked with Lycoming for the engines currently used in the second and third generation Carbon Cubs, the CC363i, which is available in fixed pitch and constant speed propeller versions. The CC19 XCub, the company's flagship certified aircraft that is currently in production, is powered by either a Lycoming O-360 180 HP or our newer Lycoming CC393i 215 HP engine. In March of this year, CubCrafters announced the development of a Rotax 916iS powered version of its Carbon Cub LSA. CubCrafters Inc. is proudly American owned and operated, and its leadership has indicated its intentions to stay that way.

Patrick Horgan on January 11
#Dgcnr, thank you for your question. While we are not currently listed on any stock exchanges, it is our intention, after raising capital through the current offerings, to consider listing our stock on one of the exchanges available to us. If and when that happens, we have recently reserved the ticker symbol CUBC with Nasdaq.

Xavier on August 25
Hi there! Is it possible to get the company numbers? Otherwise, this is sort of a blind investment… I like CubCrafters a lot, but without numbers I cannot tell whether $5 a share is a bargain or all the contrary. Thanks !

Patrick Horgan on August 31
Hi Xavier, You can download some slides included on the offering page by clicking "Download Presentation," which shares some annual sales numbers. We are currently in a reservation phase, which is non-binding and stock purchase investments cannot yet be made. The reservation allows one to reserve shares at the issue price. We will publish our Offering Circular when qualified by the SEC, which includes valuation details. We cannot guarantee the SEC approval, nor timing. Thanks for your support for our company.

Steve on August 12
It's not clear from the offering how an investor would ever make any money. I don’t think CubCrafters is looking to be acquired or to do an IPO, which are the normal ways you would expect to make money on a pre-IPO investment. So how will we make money? Will the stock be transferrable?

Offering Circular

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