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Pentru companii

  • We help companies raise capital by hosting their offerings and by providing our easy to use Invest Now system to make investing quick and easy for the investor.
  • Manhattan Street Capital vă ajută să evaluați dacă Reg A +, Reg A + IPO (și în anumite cazuri, Reg D sau Reg S) sunt potrivite pentru nevoile dvs. de afaceri și de capital.
  • We work with broker-dealers that charge a cost-effective 1% fee on Reg A+ offerings.
  • Noi va oferim RegA + Audition (TM) market testing program so you can test how appealing your company is to investors and our IPO Underwriter Audition program to help you find out if the
    appropriate Underwriters want to take your company public via an IPO.
  • We help companies to conduct Blockchain Offerings (STOs) using Regulation A+, Reg D and Reg S to comply with the US Securities regulations.
  • MSC assists companies throughout the process in order to increase the success and efficiency of offerings listed on our platform.
  • We provide Project Management and Coordination services to companies that are making their Reg A+ IPO to the NYSE or NASDAQ and host their offerings on our site.

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pentru investitori

  • Now investors of any wealth level anywhere in the world can invest in private companies, through Regulamentul A +.
  • Ne îmbunătățim continuu software-ul nostru de investiții pentru a face procesul de investiții rapid și ușor pentru dvs.
  • Prin devenirea unui membru veți primi e-mailuri despre noi oferte în timp ce se deschid pentru investiții, deci nu veți pierde.
  • We provide a wide variety of payment methods – Debit card via Apple Pay, Google, ACH, check and wire transfer.

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