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Net.Finance LLC
Net.Finance LLC


With over 25 years of experience in financial services, high technology, real estate development and consumer products companies, I have consistently led companies to high growth levels and significantly increased profitability that led to very successful Founder and investor exits.

In both CFO and COO roles, I managed the financial and HR functions for three previous startups that created over $500 million in shareholder value

The funding for these companies required over $80 million in venture, private equity, hedge fund, commercial bank debt and lease financing. I have completed 2 successful Reg CF and Reg D campaigns in the last 18 months, one of which is too close shortly.  Both campaigns exceeded expectations providing badly needed expansion capital to those companies.

In addition to my startup experiences, I have a wide variety of commercial banking experience as a VP at Pacific Continental Bank and at First Interstate Bank of Oregon in the Bank's Technology Banking group.

Additionally, I was a Senior Accountant for Price Waterhouse Coopers, Los Angeles office early in my career where I focused on high growth companies in which an IPO or M&A was the primary exit for the founders and investors.

Type Of Companies Enjoys
The companies I have worked with in the past range from boot-strap start-up to companies preparing for an exit. Most of these companies required some type of external capital to grow the customer base through new sales channels to merger and acquisition activities. The prospect of a Crowdfunding campaign is particularly appealing to me since this involves many aspects of my professional experience to be successful.