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GolfSuites 1 Expands Nationwide!

We have some very important and exciting news we want to share with you. Effective January 28th, we have expanded the geographic scope of GolfSuites 1 from the Midwest region to include the entire US. Yes, you read that right! As of now, all GolfSuites 1 investors get to participate with us nationwide! This change simplifies things and allows all of our current and new Reg A+ investors, such as yourself, to participate in the growth of GolfSuites across the entire country.

With this change, we are happy to announce that our Tulsa location, which is currently open and in the process of being converted into a fully operational GolfSuites facility, is now part of GolfSuites 1 and the Reg A+ offering. Taking over this first location in September 2019 was a very important milestone for GolfSuites and the opportunity to takeover and transition this existing facility in Tulsa has moved up our operational timeline by 18 months. For all current and future investors in GolfSuites 1, your investment will include not only the Tulsa location, but all locations that we plan to open across the country.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about this change and we would be happy to discuss with you further. Our whole team is excited to announce this expansion to ensure that all of our investors are benefiting from our nationwide growth.

Best regards,

Gerald Ellenburg
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer