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In your Reg A+ will the financials of a company you acquired via an asset purchase have to be included in the audit?

Financial statements for net assets that constitute a business.

For an acquisition of net assets that constitutes a business (e.g., an acquired or to be acquired product line), the financial statements prepared and audited in accordance with Regulation S-X may be abbreviated financial statements prepared in accordance with paragraph (e)(2) of this section if the business meets all of the qualifying conditions below;

Qualifying conditions.

(i) The total assets and total revenues (both after intercompany eliminations) of the acquired or to be acquired business constitute 20 percent or less of such corresponding amounts of the seller and its subsidiaries consolidated as of and for the most recently completed fiscal year.

(ii) Separate financial statements for the business have not previously been prepared;

(iii) The acquired business was not a separate entity, subsidiary, operating segment (as defined in U.S. GAAP or IFRS-IASB, as applicable) or division during the periods for which the acquired business financial statements would be required; and

(iv) The seller has not maintained the distinct and separate accounts necessary to present financial statements that, absent this paragraph (e), would satisfy the requirements of this section and it is impracticable to prepare such financial statements.


Refer to SEC regulation 17 CFR § 210.3-05 for complete information.


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