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IPO Consulting and Offering Service from Manhattan Street Capital

Regulation A+ has proven to be a viable method of making IPOs to the NASDAQ and the NYSE.  For companies that want to make their S-1 IPO with the benefit of bringing in more capital and numerically more investors into their S-1 IPO for better post IPO liquidity, or via Reg A+, or to make a Direct Listing type of IPO, Manhattan Street Capital offers our IPO Consulting Service, and our online offering platform, which makes investing easy, rapid, and unintimidating.  

See the completed Arcimoto Reg A+ IPO to the NASDAQ. and the Genprex S-1 IPO which we assisted.

Companies that join our IPO Consulting Program will get the information and support that is needed to make their Reg A+ IPO or S-1 IPO successful.

We help with the timing and project management, and of course, we introduce companies that decide to work with us to suitable service providers at all stages. We introduce companies to auditors, broker-dealers, and underwriters and advise on terms of their engagement, along with securities attorneys that are practiced and cost-effective. We introduce and manage skilled marketing agencies and we have connections and working relationships with the right participants and drivers in the IPO process, and with market makers and more.

We also advise companies on how best to prepare for the post - IPO period and to manage their company, their costs and their communications with the financial analyst community to maximize their long-term success as a public company.

We have connections to the management of NYSE and NASDAQ, we work with and introduce underwriters, broker-dealers, marketing agencies, auditors, legal service providers, escrow agents, investment banks, market makers, mentors, and advisors in order to provide the best service to the companies that we work with. 


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