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How Can I Pay With Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency?

Show me how the cryptocurrency investment process works.

  • 1. Start the investing process on Manhattan Street Capital, click on the “Invest now” button.

  • 2. Complete the investment form, sign up if you are not yet a member. Verify your email address.

  • 3. If you choose to pay with cryptocurrency, select this payment method. You can pay with the platform cryptocurrency that the STO uses, like Ether, Stellar or NEO. If the company chooses to accept other payment options that we provide, investors can pay with debit/credit cards, check, wire and ACH as well.

  • 4. You will be linked to our cryptocurrency payment processor, where you can complete the payment using your coin wallet.

  • 5. Your money will be deposited into Escrow. Most companies won't convert the cryptocurrency investments into US Dollars, but they have this option.

  • 6. An automatic Anti Money Laundering (AML) check is performed on each investor, to make sure that all of them are satisfy SEC requirements. The automatic Accreditation Verification is also done in this step when it's relevant.

  • 7. The transfer agent issues the shares or other SEC Qualified securities to the investors when appropriate in the offering sequence.


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