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September 12
To the starting line


We’re super close to having the first two Signature Series Arcimotos on the road. The first chassis is assembled and powder-coated, the first battery module is assembled, and shell pieces are out for plugs and tooling. It’s looking amazing; we’d love to show you but we promised the build team we wouldn’t until it’s done. We’re expecting the first one to be on wheels and moving under its own power before summer ends. Signature Series customers #0 and #1 are currently picking out final color options for the bodies, and early indications suggest these are going to be the sweetest Arcimotos we’ve ever built. By a lot.


Arcimoto’s utility patent application describing the key innovations in the Generation 8 SRK architecture was granted a Notice of Allowance by the USPTO last week. Although we have several patents in process covering aspects of our novel drive train and battery systems, this patent covers what fundamentally makes the SRK an awesome and ultra-efficient ride. For us it represents the culmination of nearly ten years of development effort to crack the electric daily driver code.


We are thrilled at the response to our Reg A+ Offering. In our team effort with our underwriter WR Hambrecht+Co and the selling group they’re leading, we’ve hit the minimum in commitments on the round, and based on the early reports from our broker/dealers, we anticipate we will qualify for a Nasdaq listing immediately following the close of the round. 

The window of opportunity to participate in this pre-listing Regulation A round is rapidly closing. We will be shutting down retail investment via the Arcimoto site this Friday, September 15.


Finally, on a more somber note, our hearts go out to all those affected by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida and the massive wildfires in California and Oregon. To our many early supporters based in those states, we hope you and your families made it safely out of harm’s way. These unprecedented events have further instilled a sense of true urgency in all of us to deliver a real sustainable transportation solution to combat emissions and climate change.


To the starting line,
Team Arcimoto

Arcimoto was not charged for a listing fee, and has no future obligations.